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March 2018
Dear friends

I was in a local school the other day talking to a group of fifth formers about Christianity, and they asked me the question "Which did I think was the most important? Christmas or Easter?" Their reasoning as they told me afterwards was that at Christmas they got presents but at Easter just chocolate!!

In many ways that sums up the world, me, me, me. My response to the question was Easter as I feel that its about what God has done for us, giving up the glory and power of Heaven for the limitations of Earth as Jesus, going to the cross to suffer and die for us so that we may know just how far God was actually prepared to go for us (truly sacrificial love), and rising from the dead revealing his total power over sin and death. Its about our response to that life changing event that makes such a difference to us and to the world.

I concluded that no matter how big or fancy, or cool and trendy were any of their Christmas presents, they would never know a better present than that of someone giving themselves sacrificially entirely for us. We see it in couples in love, we see it in parents over their children and most of all we se it in Jesus on the cross for you and I.

I hope you've had a good Easter and I pray that you have been able to receive and understand the Easter message of Christ crucified and Christ risen from the dead.

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