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March 2019
Dear friends

Little Bobby was a very naughty boy and everyone was worried about how he was behaving. His desperate Mum eventually thought that the local Methodist Minister would be able to have a word with him and so she arranged an appointment. Come the due day she and Bobby were ushered into the Ministers office. The Minister looked across his large oak desk and asked "Bobby, where is God?"

Bobby was terrified and didn't say anything, so the Minister in his sternest voice said again "Bobby, where is God?", but again the terrified little boy simply sat mute with his head down.

By now the Minister was extremely exasperated so he thumped his desk and in a loud voice shouted "Bobby, where is God?" At this the little boy shot to his feet, ran out of the door, ran all the way home and burst in his house screaming "Dad, they've lost God at the Church, and they're blaming me for it!"

Today I want to ask you the same question "Where is God in your life?" Some of you will be aware that this is a theme I'm currently wrestling with, because I recognise that with all the busyness of life its very easy to lose sight of the one we claim to worship.

Similarly, with Dad in a care home I don't get to speak to him as often as I'd like and much of my spare time is taken up with dashing up to the North East to see him. In order to keep a relationship with him I intentionally have to try and make time for him, and I think that's part of the answer to the question I'm wrestling with at this time. In order to truly follow God there has to be an intentionality to searching for him. We need to intentionally build our lives to make time for worship of Him, fellowship with Him, learning of Him and carrying out His way of life.

If we don't have that intentionality, then other things crows in and squeeze God out. We don't find the time to read our Bibles daily, and our prayer life slows up each day; we start thinking about what we want not what He wants.

Intentionality is the key to it all: I intentionally love my wife, I intentionally follow Burton Albion football club, I intentionally attend my Rotary Club: how much more should I intentionally seek God in my life ?

As we enter this Lenten season let us all commit ourselves to intentionally finding God, as we read our Bibles Daily, pray daily and seek his hand daily in the world around us.

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