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Rev Mike and Rev Alison are very busy at the moment, running here and there and getting tired out. Do you ever just want to stop and be still for a moment? In the Bible we are told of times when the people of God did just that. God himself rested on the seventh day after making the world (in the book of Genesis), Jesus (in the Gospel of Mark) also took time out to rest and so we all should. This is why holidays are important, but even when we're not on holiday we should find time to simply stop and think, away from our televisions, computers and game consoles; we'll feel better for it.

If your Mums and Dads will let you why not send an e-mail to me telling me about your best time on holiday?

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Why did the flea fail his exams?
Answer: He wasn't up to scratch!
News …
30 January 2016
Rev Mike has finally sorted out the technical issues on my page.

29 April 2011
I have had my photo taken with the new hair do. Click here to see.

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